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The most common complaint with jug fishing is "YOU CONSTANTLY HAVE TO CHECK YOUR JUG LINES FOR FISH!"  The KatKandle is a new and exciting way to fish with jug lines without having to check your jug lines for fish.  This newly modified design allows fishermen to have a visual INTELLIGENT LED LIGHT indicator alerting you that a fish is on the line. The KatKandle works great for serious night fishing and family outings at the lake. This product will save on fuel expenses and valuable time while fishing. No more jug hunting.

The KatKandle is built with the highest quality material and design.

  • Outer bright yellow foam shell.
  • Reflector caps on both ends of the jug shell.
  • LED light housed in water tight protective cap.
  • Light circuit and batteries located inside the inner core tube.
  • Inner core made with fitted pvc threads.
  • Eye bolt for line attachment.


The KatKandle is a 10oz. buoyant device with a fishing line and hook attached.  The KatKandle floats horizontally on the water with the fishing line hanging below at a chosen depth.  When a fish takes the hook and line, the KatKandle rises vertically and a bright 10mm LED light turns on.  The light remains on as long as the KatKandle holds less than a 45 degree tilt to vertical position.


  • Bright yellow outer shell can be seen for 250yds or more on the average day.
  • Jug rises vertical alerting you to a fish on the line during the day.
  • Bright LED 10mm light can be seen for 250yds or more during the night.
  • Reflector caps can be seen average 100 yards with proper light at night.

No more checking your jug lines for fish...The KatKandle alerts you to fish on the line, day or night!