"Sold Out" at the Midsouth Tackle and Hunting Show

We opened Katkandle sales to the public at the Midsouth Tackle and Hunting Show in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  The response was outstanding as we sold out of the Katkandle stock we had shipped to the event.  Customers loved the "stop checking your juglines" concept Katkandle brings to the fishing market.  It was stated time and time again how so many quit jug fishing as much as they used to because of the time and gas money it took to continue to check jug lines for fish due to improper jug designs.

Attendees became excited when they could hold and sample the jugs at our booth.  Our biggest seller for the weekend were the 5-pack Katkandles with drawstring bags. 

We were able to meet with the retail market and signed retail deals with two outdoors stores and a number of lake marinas.  Some marinas will see Katkandles available this summer 2016, but most will be stocked and ready to retail in the spring of 2017.  Until then, you can purchase Katkandles at our online store.  Join our Facebook page to keep up to date on special pricing deals.