All play, no work...

Austin, Texas

We have a private hunting and fishing club in Austin.  It is typically retired outdoors people gathering to camp, fish and hunt.  We have what is considered a large pond but in my mind is a small lake.  Large enough for boats.

Between five and ten of us will sit on our pontoon to play cards.  We like to throw Katkandle fishing jugs on the water in hopes of catching the next days lunch.  We fish both day and night.  Because the jug lights up at night when you have a fish, we are able to focus on our friends and card game instead of having to check our jug lines all of the time.  In fact, we forget about our lines until the lights begin to come on. 

They also work great during the daytime.  Because of the bright yellow color, we simply watch for the jug to elevate vertically, which can be seen for over a hundred yards.  We stay pretty close to our lines, so can always tell when a fish is on.

We are older and tend to like to relax more than work.  Your Katkandle jugs created the All Play, No Work weekends on the water.  Never thought a fish dinner could be so easy.