My grandpa used to take us fishing every weekend when I was a boy. He loved to catfish day or night. I can remember traveling all over the lake searching for gar. He used to say "If you find the gar rolling, you will find the catfish". Of course at that time I had no idea why gar and catfish had any relation but now I know that the catfish were trying to eat the gar eggs during their spawn. I later found interest in jug fishing so I could place several hooks in the water and cover more area while fishing. One major problem I always encountered was the ability to see or find my jugs at night without a big light to shine out across the lake. Not only did the big one get away, he also got off with my jug! I found myself driving all over the area hunting for that one jug that got away. I decided to tape glow sticks to them as a visual indicator which became expensive over time and a pain to remove the old sticks and attach new ones each trip. I figured there must be a more efficient way to attach a light to these jugs that will last a long time and be able to be seen for miles. After years of research on the web I finally came across a tilt switch that didn't contain any harmful mercury and would be safe to place in the water. I then began to design a battery and light circuit that was small and light enough to be mounted to a jug. After several failed prototypes the KatKandle Jug Light was finally born.