Frequently asked questions

Q. How does KatKandle compare to other fishing jugs?

Homemade Jugs:

  • Cheap, often defective materials.
  • Unbalanced, and bottom heavy.  Gives false positives.
  • Does not accurately alert you to a fish on line.
  • Hard to locate.
  • Almost impossible to see at night.

Lighted Jugs:

  • Jugs with constant light source attract bugs...bugs attract baitfish.  Catfish become more interested in the baitfish than your hook bait.
  • Catfish shy away from lighted areas.
  • Lighting jugs with glowsticks becomes expensive. 
  • Do not properly alert you to a fish on the line.  Constantly have to check for fish.


  • Made with high quality material and electronics.
  • Bright yellow outer shell allows you to see jug for over 250 yards on an average day.
  • Reflective caps allow you to see jugs over 100 yards at night.
  • Perfectly balanced to remain horizontal until a fish is on the line.  Heavy waves do not effect the tilt.  Only a fish will cause the jug to go vertical.
  • Bright 10mm light comes on when the jug goes vertical and alerts you to a fish on the line.
  • Led light can be seen for over 250 yards at night.
  • Large fish can travel with jugs.  The bright light allows you to find your jug no matter where it lands.
  • Runs on three AAA batteries.  Light only shines when a fish is on.  Most batteries last an average of one summers use.


Q. How does the Intelligent Light work?

The user does not have to control any settings to make the jug light work.  Just add three AAA batteries (included), a line, a baited hook, and you are ready to go.  The jug will remain horizontal on the water until a fish is on the line.

The intelligent light is built with a water tight seal and powered by three AAA batteries.  The electronics housed within the jug alert the 10mm LED light when the jug has shifted to a 45 degree tilt to vertical position, turning the LED light on.  The light will remain in the on position as long as there is at least a 45 degree or less tilt, meaning that there is a fish on the line.


Q. Do KatKandles take up much space?

KatKandles are approximately 18" long and 4" wide, and weight less than 10 ounces each.  They take up less room than any other jugs, tacklebox, fishing rod and reel, or fishing lights.  Five KatKandles can fit into one drawstring bag for easy storage and travel.

Q. What does the warranty cover?

Warranty is good for 1 year and begins on the product date of purchase.  Warranty does not include batteries, the outer foam shell of jug or damage to units and electronics due to user error.  Parts will be replaced as needed and purchase will be refunded only if the unit cannot be repaired or replaced.

Q. How much is shipping to my location?

Shipping on each item is listed on the shopping kart item specifications.  We average $10.00 TOTAL SHIPPING for one KatKandle jug or $15.00 TOTAL SHIPPING for two or more jugs.

Our shipping is often discounted or free with specific purchases and specials.  All item specifics are listed on our shopping page.

Q. Are fishing jugs legal to use on public lakes?

Fishing jugs come with different rules and laws for each state.  Most states allow jug fishing.  Some states have specific rules about jug color or number of jugs allowed.  It is important that you review and respect the rules that your state ask you to follow.

Click the link below to learn more about your state.  (This link is provided only to get you started learning about regulations.  We do not update these rules or links.  The information on this page cannot be guaranteed accurate, so please check your local fish and wildlife department to make sure you know all of the jug fishing rules and regulations.)


Click here to learn more about your state!