Below, you will find a library of videos that will help you learn more about the KatKandle Fishing Jug Light, fishing tips, fishing adventures, and instructional techniques to help you better understand and use your KatKandle jugs.

 Promotional Video

 The KatKandle Fishing Jug Light is the first fishing jug
that uses an LED Light that alerts you to a fish on the
line.  No more checking your jug lines for fish in the
dark.  Learn more in our promotional video.


Fatboy Dan Outdoor Adventures Review #1

Fatboy Dan Outdoor Adventures was kind enough to give our
KatKandle Fishing Jug Lights a chance.  This review covers the
initial delivery and explanation of the product.  He will add more
reviews on the actual usage of the jugs in the near future.


Catfish Line Strike April 25, 2016


We filmed a line strike that caused action on the
KatKandle Fishing Jug Light.  Because we did not
add weights to our line, the light activates when
the fish pulls on the line.