Night Fishing On Eufala Lake

April 2016 was a great month for blue catfish on Eufaula Lake, Oklahoma.  We sat out five Katkandle fishing jug lights and caught twenty-two catfish all in four hours time.  It was amazing to see the water lighting up as the fish took the bait on each jug.

I've never done so little work to catch so many fish!  These fishing jugs have made a world of difference when it comes to JUG FISHING and ENJOYING JUG FISHING.  We never had to go around and check our lines for fish...we simply waited until the lights came on and pulled our catch up into the boat.

Catfishing On Family Pond

On the weekends, a large portion of our family congregate to our farm house on 10 acres with three ponds.  While the adults sit around the bonfire at night, the younger crowd uses Katkandles to thin out the large amount of catfish we have in the ponds.  Because of the led light system, we don't have to worry about the kids having to check the jugs in the water until the light comes on.  Much safer than our old home jugs.  They just set the jugs out, and go on with their activities until they see lights come on. 

Night jugs were an issue with us for safety reasons until now.  Thanks to the light system, we keep the kids away from the water constantly checking jug lines for fish.

Marsha and Jason Wright

All Play, No Work

Between five and ten of us will sit on our pontoon to play cards.  We like to throw Katkandle fishing jugs on the water in hopes of catching the next days lunch.  We fish both day and night.  Because the jug lights up at night when you have a fish, we are able to focus on our friends and card game instead of having to check our jug lines all of the time.  In fact, we forget about our lines until the lights begin to come on. 

They also work great during the daytime.  Because of the bright yellow color, we simply watch for the jug to elevate vertically, which can be seen for over a hundred yards.  We stay pretty close to our lines, so can always tell when a fish is on.

We are older and tend to like to relax more than work.  Never thought a fish dinner could be so easy.

Teddy Tallepharo